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About us
Matreshka Labs™

Matreshka Labs™ is a modern digital agency that provides research and based advertising services in Toronto, Canada and all over the world. Our unique approach, creative thinking, and extensive knowledge allow us to help businesses efficiently and effectivly advertise online; providing better reach, conversion,s and ROI’s.

We work with businesses of any size and experience; many clients have already advertised online, some even had unsuccessful experiences, others are just starting to leverage digital advertising.

At Matreshka Labs, we specialize in packaging and presenting your offer with the best digital marketing practices in mind. our main focus is user experience, performance, and analytics.

Why clients choose us


Each project is unique, and requires deep understanding of the offer, audience, existing competitors and a creative approach to excel them.


We are a team of advertisers, web developers, designers and copywriters. We take projects from an idea to a money-making machine.


Whether it is purchases, leads or increased brand awareness and social following, we achieve truly great, measurable results for our clients.

What we offer
Matreshka Labs services

Google AdWords

There are over 3 billion searches on Google daily. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. This makes Google AdWords the single most unique platform to advertise on, an essential part of any marketing campaign. Carefully crafted campaigns show tailored ads to the people that have already shown interest in what you are offering, all while having full control over your budget and being able to measure results instantly. Our extensive expertise and creativity will ensure that your business gets the best quality traffic possible.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook has become the king of targeted advertising. Its extensive options allow us to target specific locations, demographics, interests, devices, occupations, among many other options. Is your product for expecting mothers in their 30’s who graduated from college, live in Texas and absolutely adore Channing Tatum? With Facebook and Instagram, we can tailor your ads to show specifically to those people, and get the best possible results in the most budget-efficient way.


Retargeting is the often overlooked queen of digital advertising because of its complexity. Many businesses spend millions of dollars on high quality traffic, but never re – engage with their audience. Approximately 97 % of your traffic will not convert on their first engagement. That is a fact. Re-engaging with the audience that already showed interest in your offer is the most cost efficient way to increase your conversions, and the most rational way to spend a portion of your advertising budget. Our beautifully designed campaigns will serve custom messages based on how your audience interacts with your business.

Landing Pages

Many businesses neglect their landing pages, and focus solely on advertising. However, just like advertising, your landing page is an important piece of your marketing puzzle, and affects your conversion rate dramatically. Now that we’ve defeated your competition and sent the best quality traffic out there to your website, we need to make sure that the page your potential customers land on is fast, relevant, and designed to convert. We use science, creativity, and experience to craft the most effective and high-converting landing pages possible.

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    How we work

    A second to none approach to digital advertising

    01. Learning Stage

    Through our clients, we learn what their business is, their offers, and who the target audience is. This helps guide our own research, and ultimately leads to the development of a highly effective campaign.

    02. Extensive Research

    Each market is unique. We conduct an extensive research of the market, the competitors, and trends. We distill all of the information to figure out what works, and produce the advertising.

    03. Strategy Development

    With the state of the market and budget in mind, we work with our clients to set clear advertising goals. Once we have our target in sight, we develop a strategy tailored to achieving the desired goals.

    04. Campaign Development

    We design the structure of the campaign, build keyword lists, audiences, create the graphics and draft ad copy.

    05. Account Configuration

    We configure custom settings such as targeting, bidding strategies and schedules. We set up and configure conversion tracking so we can track our progress and monitor effectiveness of our campaigns.

    06. Optimizations & Reporting

    Our specialists monitor your account and optimize your campaigns based on data. Clients receive monthly reports which contain key statistics and results achieved.

    A message from the founder…

    Marketing is our passion. Each project requires a unique approach, creative thinking, and extensive knowledge about the ever-evolving best practices in the digital world. There are so many businesses out there that don’t use digital strategies to expand their reach. Others try on their own and get discouraged when they don’t get the results they expected. At Matreshka Labs, we specialize in packaging and presenting your offer with the best digital marketing practices in mind. We start with user experience on your site, performance, and analytics. Then we develop ads your potential customers will see, and strategically remarket to those who have not claimed your offer. In working with us you acquire a partner who cares; a partner who is just as focused on your success as you are.

    Roman Kashcheev Founder

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    There is no better time than the present to start leveraging the power of digital advertising and get ahead of your competition.

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